Toyo Bunko - The Oriental Library

Toyo Bunko - The Oriental Library is a library and research institute dedicated to the study of Asian history and culture. It is the largest Asian Studies Center in the region and one of the five largest in the world.

The origins of Toyo Bunko date back further than its official founding in 1924.

In 1901, Iwasaki decided to purchase Oxford University linguist Max Mueller's 10,000-volume personal collection, mainly consisting of Indian Buddhist scripture, and donated it to Tokyo Imperial University.

In 1917, Iwasaki made a similar purchase of the personal collection of George Ernest Morrison, the China correspondent for the London Times. It was the Morrison Collection that formed the main body of the Toyo Bunko Library at the time of its official founding.

The exhibition area and Orient Hall could serve as venues for meetings or receptions, while the garden could be used for parties.


Garden could be a potential venue for the party in combination with Orient Cafe.