Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai

Participants encounter significant planning and operational complexities when engaging in one of the world's largest and longest events. Multi-year planning, multi-month operation, and a foreign environment all pose numerous challenges. During the planning phase, participants must focus on how best to represent their image and messages. In the operational phase, the focus shifts to maximizing the return on their Expo investment through cultural, business, and trade interactions. A major challenge is achieving these goals while staying focused on the detailed planning and operation of the Pavilion.

Our team, with extensive experience in operating Expos and other complex global events, especially in the specific environment of Japan, offers a range of services to help participants meet these challenges. Leveraging our team’s knowledge and experience will maximize the overall return from Expo 2025. Our behind-the-scenes and back-of-house planning and operation will enable participants to navigate freely in front of the house, allowing them to concentrate on their Expo 2025 mission: developing relationships, engaging with the host and other countries, and, most importantly, focusing on designing the future society for our lives.

Our team can assist in all projects, whether large or small, and some examples of the services are outlined on the other pages.

Challenges for Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai

We considered some of the specific challenges of Osaka 2025 for international participants to ensure our team was properly structured to meet those challenges.

Timing  - Reduced time available due to Expo 2020 Dubai delay

Cost – Japan is a high-cost country for travel and operations

Culture – Short time span to understand Japan business culture

Language – Relatively low population of English speakers

Staffing – Japanese language required and small labour pool

Construction – Strict and complex building codes for temporary structures

Our Solution

Drawing on our experience from previous Expos and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic & Paralympic Games, coupled with a comprehensive assessment of the specific challenges presented by Expo 2025 and our deep understanding of the Japanese market, we have forged an ideal collaboration. This partnership integrates the essential skills and expertise required to guarantee the success of the Expo 2025 project.

Our team brings:

Experience of Expos including in Japan and the most recent Expo 2020 Dubai.

Expertise in Expo Pavilion and Event Management

Experience of major event operation in Japan through the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Global event experience across many events and countries

A strong relationship with Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition (Expo 2025 Osaka local organization)

Bring the deepest capability and optimal flexibility to meet any need large or small