Japanese Garden

Kiyosumi Teien


Kiyosumi Teien originally served as the residence of an Edo period merchant before changing ownership to a feudal lord who transformed it into a garden.

In the Meiji Period, the founder of Mitsubishi acquired the garden to entertain his guests. Subsequently, the garden was donated to the city of Tokyo and opened to the public in 1932.

Currently, Kiyosumi Teien is under the ownership of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Tea Ceremony for VIP Guests

The tea house on the tranquil pond offers participants a unique cultural experience.

An intriguing idea would be to arrange an exclusive tea ceremony conducted by a renowned master of the tea ceremony specifically for hosting VIPs and executives before the main reception.

Cocktail overlooking the Japanese Garden

The cocktail will begin in the grassy area overlooking the pond, allowing participants to appreciate the beauty of the traditional Japanese garden.