VIP Visit Programs

Throughout the Expo, participants will have high-level VIPs visiting Japan and Expo 2025, including Heads of State, ministers, diplomats, celebrities, senior sponsor management, etc. For some groups, the arrangements will be handled by the embassy, while others may require a specific service to manage their visit to Expo 2025.

Our VIP Programs Support Services

Arrangement of flights, hotel and ground transport if required

Expo 2025 tour program including tour of own country pavilion, major Expo pavilions and a customized itinerary of other pavilions and sights that are of interest to that guest group

Coordination with Expo 2025 on access/accreditation

Coordination with Expo 2025 for protocol arrangements

Coordination with other countries to ensure efficient access to desired pavilions

Development of complete program for the visit including tours and meals etc. outside of Expo 2025